solid-state metal 3d-printing

A new solid-state metal additive manufacturing technology based on our non-melting, scalable multiple-material ultrasonic AM (SMAM) without a melting or liquefying process (patent pending).



key technologies


Artificial Intelligence


IHIO Innovations Corp. has an extensive theoretical background and hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, including deep learning neural networks, genetic algorithms, random optimization, fuzzy logic, intelligent decision making, autonomous processing, and signal processing.

Blast-blocking Metamaterial


Nonlinear Multi-modal Metamaterial Structure (NoMMS) technology that provdes Warfighter personal protection based on a unique shockwaveblocking metamaterial structure, which significantly reduces blast loading by up to nine orders of magnitude. 

Hybrid-Metal Additive Manufacturing

The key features of our proprietary non-melting, scalable multiple-material ultrasonic AM (SMAM) that uses high-intensity, clean, ultrasonic energy to bond dissimilar materials through instantaneous atomic diffusion without a melting or liquefying process in the additive building process. The SMAM was used to develop the Microgravity Multiple-Materials Additive Manufacturing (M3AM) system to identify and provide on-demand manufacturing solutions for fabrication, maintenance, and repair, which is required for NASA’s sustainable Exploration Missions.

noise Control

A new technology for noise reduction of small-caliber rifles has been developed and demonstrated. The invented pseud-active structures can be applied to other areas.

Mixed-Reality (MR) Robotics

We have designed robot human interfaces as mixed-reality teleoperator system for remote operations by using visual-haptic feedback, augmented-reality display, and advanced teleoperation control.

numerical simulations

Our team is well experienced in a numerical simulation that implements a mathematical model for a non-linear physical system or a coupled-design.